Frequently Asked Questions


  • 'PRINTABLE' stands for a printable art design, offered as a high resolution JPG and/or PDF file, delivered to your E-mail address via instant / digital download link shortly upon purchase. You can then simply click on the link to download and save the files to your device and upload them to a printing company website whenever you are ready to have them printed (Tips on printing below)
  • Our customers save about 50% on average since they can choose printing company themselves and print the designs for significantly better price as opposed to purchasing physical prints directly from a designer
  • Printables give you freedom to print on material of your own choice, such as canvas, pillow covers, t-shirts and other apparel, tote bags, mugs, coasters and so on 
  • You'll always have access to purchased file(s). If your final product is ever damaged, you can simply have it printed again!
  • You can also change your art more often to make your place feel new or try art outside of your comfort zone and test out new colors. Purchasing instant download art is a fast, simple and convenient way to do so
      Delivery time varies depending on type of order:
  • Instant download: High resolution files are available to download directly from a checkout page as soon as the payment is confirmed. (At the same time you will also receive download links to your e-mail inbox as a back up).
  • Size adjustment requests:  Re-sized files will be sent directly to your email address within 2 to 12 hours upon purchase and cleared payment (almost always within the shorter time frame).

3) Sizing details

  • After your purchase you will receive instant access to your print in the following size ratios:

① 2:3 ratio for printing:
Inches: 4x6 | 6x9 | 8x12 | 10x15 | 12x18 | 16x24 | 20x30 | 24x36

② 3:4 ratio for printing:
Inches: 6x8 | 9x12 | 12x16 | 15x20 | 18x24 

③ 4:5 ratio for printing:
Inches: 4x5 | 8x10 | 12x15 | 16x20

④ ISO (International Standard Size) for printing:
A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1

⑤ 11x14 for printing:
Inches: 11x14

Need a different size print?

  • Message me with your size requirement and I will create a custom size file for you for free.

What in-person print provider should I use?

  • Places such as Fedex/Kinkos, Costco, or a highly rated shop found on Yelp are a good place to start.

What paper should I print on?

  • The paper you choose depends entirely on your desired look. Some like a glossy photo paper while others prefer a paper with less sheen. I typically suggest a thicker matte cardstock, as I believe it goes well with the overall style of the prints in my shop.

How do I make sure my file prints the size I want?

  • Each ratio file is saved to its largest size to preserve quality (ex. The 4:5 ratio file is sized to 18x24 inches, the 2:3 ratio file is sized to 24x36 inches etc.). This means you can also print any smaller size within each size ratio without losing quality.


  • Since the files are saved to the largest size, you will need to scale down the size of the print if you want to print anything smaller.


  • Online print providers will do this automatically for you. In person print shops will often do this for you if you tell them your requested size. If printing from home, you'll need to size down the file yourself.


  • If you need your print scaled down and aren't sure how to do it, just let me know and I'd be happy to make a custom size file for you!

What online print provider should I use?

  • The following are some online print providers that deliver straight to your door:



  • If your print provider requires a different file type, message me and I will send you the file in that format for free.

Are there any online print providers that also do framing?

  • The following are some online print and frame providers that deliver straight to your door:

2. (shipping delays expected-see notice on their page for more details)
3. (order timelines delayed 3 weeks-see notice on their page for more details)

  • If your print provider requires a different file type, message me and I will send you the file in that format for free.

Will the colors print exactly as shown in the listings?

  • While all of the prints in my shop are created to be printed in their intended colors, once they are sent off to a print shop, the final colors are out of my hands and results may vary. The final colors are the result of the print shop and their unique setup at that time.


  • There are many variables when it comes to printing that make it impossible to tell exactly how any one print will look once printed (screen/monitor color differences, printer type, printer settings, printer ink/toner levels, etc.).


  • Because of this, I always suggest doing a small test print before committing to a print shop (especially when you plan to print large pieces).